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Plaza Midwood and Myers Park Projects

We have uploaded to our portfolio some photos of projects from last year -- both kitchen and rear additions, in Plaza Midwood and Myers Park. Both are beautiful homes and fantastic projects. We never (yet?) made it back for final/finished photos, but these galleries show the both projects in their nearly-finished states, which is good enough to show you they were major lookers.

This is Belevedere Avenue in Plaza Midwood:  (or see full gallery here)

And this is Crescent Avenue in Myers Park: (or see full gallery here)

(Crescent photos by poprock photography)


In Progress: Crescent Avenue Kitchen

Big kitchen in progress over in Myers Park this month... we're adding some square footage to this lovely Crescent Avenue home and overhauling their kitchen space with a new layout, new cabinets, new finishes, and lots of freshness!  Stay tuned for before-and-afters.