Plaza Midwood / Club Road Project

We finally got around to uploading photos of this 2013 renovation in Plaza Midwood just as we heard the lovely homeowners are leaving the state and have put their house on the market.

Last year, this bungalow on Club Road got a new second story with master suite and office area, updated kitchen and new laundry/mud room last year. Check out the real estate listing here.


Club Road: After

Club Road: Before

 Thanks to Poprock Photography for these images.


In Progress: New Chantilly Home

Our project on Kingsbury Avenue in Chantilly is taking shape! We have removed the existing house on our client's lot, and have begun framing of the new home, designed by DDB Designer, Michelle Sutton.

Kingsbury Avenue: In framing this week

Kingsbury AvenueL Before Demolition


Plaza Midwood and Myers Park Projects

We have uploaded to our portfolio some photos of projects from last year -- both kitchen and rear additions, in Plaza Midwood and Myers Park. Both are beautiful homes and fantastic projects. We never (yet?) made it back for final/finished photos, but these galleries show the both projects in their nearly-finished states, which is good enough to show you they were major lookers.

This is Belevedere Avenue in Plaza Midwood:  (or see full gallery here)

And this is Crescent Avenue in Myers Park: (or see full gallery here)

(Crescent photos by poprock photography)


Before & After: Dilworth

As with most of our projects in historic neighborhoods, the front of this Dilworth project on Buchanan Avenue doesn't show much change. That's intentional. We love for most of Charlotte's old houses to keep contributing the same curb appeal to their wonderful neighborhoods as they always have. But houses need updating, and modern familes want amenitiies and space that old houses don't always include. We enjoy the process of designing interior and rear upfits that provide those modern renovations without sacrificing the architectural integrity of beautiful communities.

Buchanan Avenue: Front, Before and AfterBuchanan Avenue: Rear, Before and After

And here is what happened inside: (see full photo gallery here)


In Progres: Kenilworth

We are working with an investement team to renovate this Dilworth house on Kenilworth Avenue. Finish photos should follow soon...


In Progress: Chantilly: Bay Street

We are adding a second story to this Chantilly home on Bay Street. The new space will include a master suite and additional living room.



Small Addition, Big Improvement

Even a newer home sometimes needs some reimagining. This recently-built Chantilly house lacked storage space and a small screened porch off the kitchen wasn't being fully utilized.

By adding some additional square footage in place of the porch, we were able to add a new space beyond the kitchen with a breakfast nook, powder room, bookcases and cabinets for mud-room-type storage, and a mini-fridge for easy patio party service.  The renovation also allowed for a new closet downstairs and a large walk-in closet upstairs.

The result is a smarter space that feels much larger than the square footage added.



HouseCrashers Episode - Feb 18, Mar 2, Mar 5

Hi, Friends! If you missed it this summer, set your DVRs to catch this week's late-night airings of our 2012 House Crashers episode.

  • February 18, 2013, 11:30 PM e/p

  • February 18, 2013, 2:30 AM e/p

  • March 02, 2013, 5:30 PM e/p

  • March 05, 2013, 7:00 PM e/p

Racing Bar/ Lounge, (House Crashers, DIY Network) --  Licensed contractor and host, Josh Temple, travels to the hub of stock car racing, Charlotte, N.C., and with the help of professional NASCAR drivers, Kasey Kahne and Brad Sweet, transforms a typical garage into the perfect place to entertain and watch racing. A Charlotte stock car fan gets his garage transformed into a racing-themed bar/lounge, complete with bamboo flooring, wet and dry bars, a custom 3-D wall treatment, access to a new backyard deck and awning, plus unique furniture made with car parts from Kasey Kahne's garage.


In Progress: Midwood Addition

We are nearing completion on this Plaza Midwood renovation. The homeowners are gaining a new second story and a renovated kitchen and laundry room downstairs.  Here's a peek at the new second-story spaces and the amended exterior (which we are pleased to say closely resembles the original facade of this classic Midwood bungalow).


In Progress: Crescent Avenue Kitchen

Big kitchen in progress over in Myers Park this month... we're adding some square footage to this lovely Crescent Avenue home and overhauling their kitchen space with a new layout, new cabinets, new finishes, and lots of freshness!  Stay tuned for before-and-afters.